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Reliability and Validity of Persian Version of “BEARS” Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire

Objective: To determine the reliability and validity of Persian version of “BEARS” (B=Bedtime
Issues, E= Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, A=Night Awakenings, R=Regularity and Duration
.of Sleep, S=Snoring) pediatric sleep questionnaire
Setting: Two primary care pediatric clinics in Tehran, IRAN
Methods: In the first step BEARS sleep questionnaire filled and in a 2 to 4 week period BEARS
completed again (by another questioner) and all of the subjects visited by sleep specialists for
diagnosis of sleep problem. To determine test-retest reliability findings of BEARS compared
during the time and between different questioners. To determine criteria validity, findings of
BEARS compared with experts’ diagnosis
Results: A total of 215 children (2-12 years old) were studied. From these 101 were in
preschool age group (2-6 years old) and 114 in primary school age group (7-12 years old).
All of the BEARS items in preschool age group and most of the items in school aged group
had good to excellent test-retest reliability (P<0.05). Approximate to half of items in both age
(groups were valid (P<0.05
Conclusion: This study suggests that the use of BEARS (a simple brief screening tool for
pediatric sleep problems) is a reliable and relatively valid sleep screening tool in children
especially in Persian language.
Keywords: Children, Sleep, Sleep disorders, Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire, Screening tools
Primary care