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Injection Drug Use in Rural Iran: Integrating HIV Prevention into Iran’s Rural Primary Health Care System

Abstract: Major opium trafficking routes traverse rural Iran, but patterns of drug use and HIV infection in these
areas are unknown. In 2004, Iran’s Ministry of Health integrated substance use treatment and HIV prevention into
the rural primary health care system. Active opium or heroin users (N = 478) were enrolled in a rural clinic.
Participants received counseling for abstinence from substances,or daily needle exchange and condoms. On enrollment, 108 (23%) reported injecting; of these, 79 (73%) reported sharing needles. Of 65 participants tested
for HIV, 46 (72%) tested positive. Participants who received daily needle exchange/condoms stayed in the
program longer than those who did not (AOR 2.08, 95% CI 1.1–3.88). This project demonstrates that HIV risks exist in rural Iran and suggests the innovative use of Iran’s rural health care system to extend prevention and treatment
services to these populations. 
Keywords: Iran  HIV  Injection drug use  Rural Harm reduction